We are so excited to resume hosting events in this special place. Due to COVID-19, we were a little delayed in bringing this beautiful historic venue back to life, but we have availability and are welcoming you back to Lakeside Hall!


We Love Special Occasions

This property dates back to 1889, when it served as the southern most ice harvesting company in America. On frosty mornings, a whistle would sound out over the mountain- calling the ice harvesters to work. 

In 1926 the property was taken over by the Army and used as a training facility for German soldiers that were essential in the victory of WWII.

After the war, the base remained open and became known as "Camp Ritchie", and in 1998 the base was closed.

Now, after years of closure, we are so proud and excited to offer you this incredible piece of history to host your dream event.

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